After being driven almost mad by solving all 243 riddles throughout Gotham, I decided to sit down and record my genuine first impressions of the complete Knightfall ending. Was it worth it? Or was it a disappointing slap in the face for all my hard work?

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Post Reaction Thoughts

The day after recording my reaction I was able to really think about what I’d witnessed and analyse it in my head properly. So here are a few things that sprang to mind (as always THAR BE SPOILERS AHEAD):

Firstly Gordon questions who ‘killed’ Bruce Wayne, with the police having zero leads or real ideas as to who did it. Now either they’re all purposefully being naïve and turning a blind eye, or they’re actually fucking stupid. It’s so blatantly obvious that it’s painful.

Secondly the final shot we see is a spectral-like version of the Batman, which becomes far more demonic before attacking a couple of criminals, looking like something they would likely see under the influence of Scarecrow’s fear toxin. Now does this mean that someone else has taken up the mantel? Is Bruce Wayne still protecting the city but using fear toxin? Or is it all in their minds? Well the answer is ambiguity; it’s ambiguity for the sake of ambiguity. Unfortunately it’s always easy for writers to cop out and use that type of ending, they seemingly think leaving it all ‘unanswered’ makes the ending so much more intelligent and memorable. Well it isn’t, one of the worst things you can do with a major series/trilogy is ending it in this manner, and it rarely works. Besides this isn’t the Godfather trilogy, it’s a story about a rich bloke punching crazy people in his underwear. What did I accomplish? Was it worth it? Is Gotham better off now? Well apparently not as those two thieves were seemingly happy to continue stealing shit and murdering people.

And don’t respond with “oh but maybe in the DLC…” fuck you, that’s not something that should be used to wrap up a 2000 hour game, especially after I’ve just spent most of my free time jumping through fucking hoops to get an uninspired, lacklustre and confusing ending. DLC should be used to enhance the original product, not correct it.

Overall Arkham Knight is still a great game that just falls short of being fantastic, let’s be fair though Arkham City was a bloody hard entry to follow. Still I’m interested and excited to see what project Rocksteady will work on next, with many questioning whether they’ll move on to Superman, a character that would be far harder to do justice via a video game. But if we think this is the last Arkham game then we’re probably just as naïve as the GCPD.


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