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So remember when I said I had a good week and a half to finish the next video? Well my body decided it would be a massive dick head. Those that know me well know that I suffer with a specific illness. Now this illness decided it would be a great idea to fuck with me last week, which made it a particularly difficult week to even get out of bed. This also led to zero productivity in regards to editing of even getting the gameplay footage I required.

Basically this means that this video will be delayed by at least a week, but I’m determined to get it done within the next two weeks.

Not impressed with the timing of this



– Lost in the Warp Pipe

Hi guys,

This is just a quick update regarding the next Middle Earth Month video, it¬†is¬†finished so it will be up. It will most likely be uploaded later today (roughly 7-8pm), I understand it’s taken longer than I promised, but I’ve had serious issues with my PC blue-screening/crashing. At one point this resulted in me losing 30-40 minutes of hard work, which was very demotivating, hell it even crashed yesterday when I was rendering out the final version.

At least now I have a good week and a half to finish off the final video!

– Matt

Lost in the Warp Pipe