Futurama Episode 10: A Prisoner of Benda

Posted: August 20, 2010 in Reviews, Written Reviews
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After the pile of vomit that was last weeks episode, I had absolutely ZERO faith in the latest installment.

Perhaps that was the right mindset to be in? Because, as shocking as this may be, this episode was pretty good! I know, shocking huh?

Shock strikes!!

Now the only ‘main’ plot here is the creation of the Professors mind switching machine, what follows are some genuinely funny scenes and what may be the best episode of this series, but I’ll get into that in a bit.

If this episode is reminiscent of any other Futurama episode it would be Season 5’s “Three Hundred Big Boys” in the sense of many subplots created from the main plot of the episode.

The episode mainly revolved around each member of the planet express crew trading bodies with each other (or in benders case) people outside of the company. What could have turned into a confusing ‘who’s who’ was instead handled in a good and basic fashion.

Now I don’t want to go into to much detail on each subplot, otherwise I’ll be going on for far to long.  So I’m going to simply list them:

Professor Farnsworth wants to be a daredevil

Amy wants to be able to eat ALOT

Bender wants to steal the Hungarian-Robot Emperor Crown

Fry and Leela wanted to prove to the other that they found them attractive no matter what

Zoidberd wants a friend

The Hungarian-Robot Emperor wants to be common

Hermes wants to get Leela thin (after Amy fattens her body

It’s like a Subplot sandwich!

MMMM Subplot Sandwich!

Now this isn’t really much of a subplot, but in an amusing twist the Bucket droid’s mind is switched with Amys body. This leads the Bucket droid to finally admit to Scruffy that “I have always loved you” which was…pretty unexpected, in a good way fo course!

Unfortunately for the Bucket droid Scruffy tells her (or it) that they shouldn’t do this and asks her to leave! Poor Scruff, will he ever find love?

Will you ever find love Scruffy?

As I said earlier there were some genuinely funny moments, one which stands out would be Fry and Leela making out in a restaurant. Doesn’t sound funny? How about if you picture them in the bodies of Zoidberg and Farnsworth, rolling around on a table. Disturbing isn’t it?

Anyway like I said, I enjoyed this one and I’m REALLY shocked to be admitting this. If anything I would say give this one a go, it’s pretty good and certainly gives hope that the rest of the series could be good….but  doubt it!


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