Quantum Theory (Demo)

Posted: September 9, 2010 in Reviews, Written Reviews
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Hey I didn’t realise the Gears of War 3 demo was already out? Oh wait no it’s just Quantum Theory.

That’s what I thought the moment this game started: “Wow….it’s a Gears rip off” and from the demo, it’s not a very good one. Now before you jump the gun, I’m not calling it a rip off only because it’s a cover-based shooter, but it’s just the overall art style. It LOOKS like a cheap Gears of War knock off, hell even the cover icons look similar.

Quantum of War? No wait it’s Gears of Theory! No no it’s just Quantum Theory.

Anyway with that aside is the gameplay good? No it really isn’t, the controls feel clunky, cover doesn’t seem to really work all that well and the graphics are just an ugly mesh.  There’s also this strange thing with enemies, most of the times you land a hit on them they fly backwards. This is mainly a problem when you’re trying to kill an enemy quickly (since shit is flying at you constantly).

Then there’s this combo system, which seemed promising, whereupon you literally throw your sidekick (or she’s his enemy…or not…then is) at the enemy where she will then smack them in the chops with her sword. Now this sounds like a decent idea on paper, you hold down the L2 button to initiate it. Now I thought that I would then be able to aim at a target and launch her at an enemy, buuut this wasn’t the case for me. Plus I have to stand there like a moron while she flies through the air….and usually get riddled with bullets…or lasers or whatever!

Wow that looks cool! Reality on the other hand can be a bitch.

Now I know that I haven’t spoken about the storyline accompanying Quantum Theory, but to be perfectly honest I had no idea what was going on. It usually doesn’t help when the background music is playing louder than the characters narration, I couldn’t hear anything he was saying… It probably doesn’t help when the main character has the stereotyped gruff, deep voice. You know, because it wasn’t enough like Gears of War.

Seriously if this game is actually a parody of the genre that it’s a fucking work of genius! If it IS trying to be serious then it will probably fly so far under the radar no one will ever know it was released.

Soldier: “Oh god it’s the reject from team Alpha, Meaty McMusclearms!”

Hell I’m probably being pretty darn harsh. Most of my complaints with the controls and such will hopefully be tweaked by the time it get’s released. But remember, there are much better games in the genre on both the 360 and PS3! You have been warned!


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